Homemade Tomato Purée

Tomato puree is one of the very  basic cooking ingredients ,it is  a great way to make  base of many things like -Indian curries,soup ,salsa ,pizza sauce and marination sauce .It will also save your time since tomatoes are precooked and make any dish quicker than usual .





  • Tomatoes -1 lbs
  • Beetroot-a slice (small )
  • Vinger-1/4 cup
  • Sugar -1/4 cup
  • Salt-1/4 tbsp
  • Water -1 cup
  • Cold water or ice cube – 1 cup



  • Take ripe and firm tomatoes (I used Roma tomatoes),rinse them in running water properly .
  • Using knife ,(cut the top slice from the stem side of tomatoes)make cross (1/3 inch ) deep cut on each tomatoes,this will make peeling easier .
  • Place these tomatoes and beetroot slice in a cooker and add 1 cup of water ,cook till you hear 1-2 whistles.
  • Now turn off the heat and wait till cooker release the pressure or for immediate open place cooker under the running water ,you will see pressure release immediately.
  • Turn off the flame ,remove tomatoes from hot water and place them in cold water for 5 minutes.
  • Now drain the water and place it to a plate ,peel or remove the skin of tomatoes.
  • Now transfer it to a blender or mixer grinder and blend until smooth puree.
  • Fresh tomatoes purée is ready , you can use it for cooking .
  • But if you are want to restore for a week ,transfer fresh purée in to a pan and boil the purée and add vinegar  ,salt and sugar .
  • Boil till you get the desired consistency.
  • Turn off the flame .keep aside to cool ,when it cool down transfer it in to a air tight container and freeze it and use with in a weak
  • You can pour it in ice cube tray ,freeze in the freezer  .Once the cubes are set ,remove from tray and store them in zip-lock bag in a freezer and use it when you needed.

Thanks !!


Tip –

  • Drain water (at the time of boiling tomatoes),you can reuse it in  vegetables stock or in soup .
  • Adding  slice of beetroot gives you perfect store bought tempting red color puree
  • You can sieve the tomato puree to get very silky and smooth texture (seeds free) .

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